What is this all about?

Simply put, it is my quest; to make this world a better place for my kid.
It started as a personal endeavor.

Now I realize; that it is the personal endeavor of each parent all over the world. Yes, each one of you wants to make this world more beautiful than it already is, a world that is sustainable, a future that is secure.

Why not join hands? Why not share ideas? Why not collaborate?

As a first step, why not I start sharing ideas and solutions that I have stumbled upon.

Through the blogs on this website, and through my books I am going to do just that.

Human Story and Proud Sapiens Adventure are projects with this same objective. They are meant for kids and parents alike.

In Human Story, we take a look at human history in order to understand our journey so far, to acknowledge the challenges we faced as a species, and the solutions our ancestors derived to get over those challenges.

Proud Sapiens Adventure is a series, aimed at the age group, 9 to 15 years. Each book in this series tackles one vital problem we face today. It is the gang of kids with a very active archaeologist grandmother who seeks solutions. It is a mystery, adventure series, which will be available soon.