I am a voracious reader. However, I never thought I would or could write. My first step into the wonderful world of written word happened by chance. A friend of mine, Hrushikesh Dabholkar asked me if I could write about Brown Leaf for kids for his Atak-Matak platform, in a story format.

Brown Leaf is the forum that I created with the vision that not a single dry leaf should be burnt in India. How to convey this concept to the kids?

I looked around a few children books for inspiration and came up with a story idea.
Abha Bhagwat brought that story to life through her wonderful illustrations. Kids loved the story.

Wow!! that was a realization for me. Along with sketching and painting, now here was one more way of bombarding my ideas on the world 🙂 And I jumped on it. Here I am, after 2 fictions and 1 non-fiction.

Ira, Viraj and the Time Machine

A kids fiction book, with Time Travel Fantasy

It was a beautiful lake. There were lotuses in the lake with dragonflies flying about.

There was an island at the center of the lake with a variety of trees and shrubs. They could see a temple spire peeking through those vibrant shades of green. 

The sight was mesmerizing!

“Where are we”? Ira and Viraj wondered.

Of course, they were in their city, Pune city, no doubt. But in the 18th century.

How did they reach there? How was the city then?

Join Ira and Viraj on the exciting time travels as they unravel the history and mysteries of the city.

Ira, Viraj and time Machine book Ad in Story of river book

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गोष्ट तशी अलीकडची, काही कोटी वर्षांपूर्वीची

Do you find History boring? And you think Geography is lame?

I bet, you will fall in love with them, after reading this book. Yes, no kidding!!

This is a story about 4 kids, Rohit, Tanvi, Priya and Mitali.

They are on a mission. They need to uncover a tale.

That tale has drama in it. That tale has thrill in it. And guess what? the tale has taken places crores of years ago.

It is the tale of an ancient mountain, a river and a settlement that was born in its cradle.

That tale is not written anywhere. It is hidden amidst the mountain, in the flowing river, in the rocks and in the soil around.

How would they uncover this hidden tale? What exactly is this tale, that is crores of years old?

Age group: Above 10 years 

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Not a single dry leaf should be burnt in India

A step-by-step guide to create your own Brown Leaf community and prevent dry leaves burning around you

Every winter, trees shed leaves. There are leaves on the streets, on footpaths, on the rooftops, just about everywhere. Our cities get drowned in layers and layers of dry leaves.
Burning seems a convenient option to get rid of these leaves. Burning pollutes the air we breathe; it destroys the valuable nutrients that should have gone back to the soil. There is always the possibility of fire getting out of control and endangering all living creatures around.

How can we prevent it? How can we ensure clean air to breath and healthy soils to grow food for our future generations? This book will guide you towards it.

This book is for every person who is pained by the sight of dry leaves burning.
This book is for every person who wishes to do something about it but does not know how to.
This book is for every person who wants to but is scared to act.
This book will equip you with all the tools and techniques to start your own Brown Leaf community to prevent dry leaves burning around you.

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