You, me, and all the parents are sailing in the same boat. The boat thy name is concerns, doubts, an endless string of worries over the challenges; beyond the cusp of any single individual.

Heart to Heart.. From one parent to another....#1

It was the year 2013. I was a parent, a proud parent to a 6-year-old then.  

Mom and son
 And I was going through a major parental crisis.
Recently being awakened to the world around me, I saw challenges… Our rivers, the very source of our life, is polluted. The soils that grow our food are doused in toxic chemicals. The air we breathe contains many things that one should not breathe.
The problems that are only going to grow…..
What kind of world is it?
And in what kind of world we have brought our kid into.
Is it fair? Well, probably not. But it was too late for that question, anyway.
What was the solution then?
Should I raise my kid fearing the problems? Feeling bad about bringing an innocent life into this world with problems that seemed beyond our capacity to solve?
Should I accept what it is? Understand why it is the way it? Why it has come to the way it is, and try to change the way things are to create a world close to the world I dream of; for my kid?
What about the second option?

As George Bernard Shaw put it,

“Some see things as they are and say why? I dream things that never were and say, why not.”

I took the first step towards this dream in 2014 with Jeevitnadi with equally worried, or should I say, ‘like-concerned’ people.

And with Brown Leaf in 2016. 

“How does it feel?” 

Well, life is messy. Living on the edge of my comfort zone all the time. It is challenging. It is confusing most of the time. 

But, hey! I go to bed with a feeling that I am inching towards that world, the world I dream of for my kid. 

Yes, an inch at a time, sometimes. Sometimes it is a foot, and there are times when it is merely a millimeter.

But that dream world certainly feels closer and achievable, despite all the challenges. 

Why not anti clockwise

Why do clock hands always move this way, what we call clock-wise, from right to left?
What happens if the numbers in the clock are mirrored, and the hands move from left to right?
Nothing!! It will still tell the correct time.
Then why do we always have clocks made this way?
The only reason is,
Because that is how the first clock in the world was made, that’s all!!!
Many things continue on auto-pilot until the rationale is questioned.
‘Why not?’ is the key.

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